Staff - The Neurofeedback Institute
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Meet Our Staff

Our clinical staff has over 60 years of combined clinical practice experience and welcomes the opportunity to help you actualize your full potential.

Rick Harris, Psy.D. – Executive Director

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Practice: 1982
Clients Served: Child, Adolescents and Adults
Services: Assessments, Treatment and Consultation, Neurofeedback
Specialties: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Addictions, Pain Management, Behavioral Medicine, Neurofeedback, Health and Wellness

From a young age I knew that I wanted to help people. My over 35 years as a clinical psychologist has allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dream. As a psychologist it has been my mission to help people overcome the emotional barriers that prevent them from reaching their potential. I have had the opportunity to do this in various settings; private practice, hospitals and treatment centers. My interest in the mind-body connection has helped me gain a better understanding of the complex interaction between the two and has contributed to the development of The Neurofeedback Institute. I was a cofounder in the mid 80’s of the Neuroscience Center which studied the biological causes of psychological disorders, I was instrumental in the developmental of the mood and anxiety disorder unit at the Retreat, psychiatric hospital and founded one of the first wellness centers that treated eating disorders; Changing Lifestyles. I am excited to have been instrumental in the development of The Alma Center to provide individuals with eating disorders, an innovative evidence-based treatment program. I have studied with Dr. Daniel Amen in the use of nutraceuticals in the treatment of psychology disorders, I was one of the first clinicians to introduce neurofeedback to the treatment of addictions. I am always available to answer any questions.

R. Josefina Blanco, Psy.D. – Clinical Director

Specialty: Licensed Psychologist
Practice: 2003
Clients Served: Children, Adolescents and Adults
Services: Neurofeedback
Specialties: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, Headaches, Depression and Peak Performance
Languages: English and Spanishine, Neurofeedback, Health and Wellness

Throughout my 30 years of experience within the mental health field, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings with children, adolescents, adults and seniors. This experience, along with my Integrated Medicine Certification, have enabled me to develop a truly holistic treatment approach. The majority of my practice is dedicated to treating a variety of brain dysfunctions (such as attention deficit, autistic spectrum disorders, headaches, sleep dysregulation, panic attacks and tic disorders) and to helping my clients achieve their peak performance.

Based on the science of epigenetics, I have been able to combine psychotherapy, neurofeedback, nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes to help my clients achieve optimal treatment results. At the core of this approach is the mind-body connection. It is never too soon or too late in life to seek change and self-actualization. Ask yourself, if not now, then when?

Alexandra Victoria, Psy.D.

Specialty: Psychology Resident
Practice: December 2011
Clients Served: Children, Adolescents, Adults and families
Services: Neurofeedback, Individual and Family Psychotherapy, EMDR
Specialties: Prader-Willi Syndrome, Developmental Disorders, Trauma, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders and Anxiety Disorders
Languages: English and Spanish

My approach to psychotherapy incorporates an in-depth understanding of my client’s unique set of needs; to provide them with an individualized treatment, to ensure healing and overall growth. I have experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults in private practice, hospital, and residential treatment settings.

My clinical specialties include mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, eating disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Prader-Willi Syndrome. I utilize an integrative approach to treatment that encompasses Individual, Couples, Family, Parenting, Play, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Mind-Body techniques, Neurofeedback brain training, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).